Will South Korea forbid Bitcoin?


What rumors still exist about this possibility? What will happen to the income of those who have already invested?

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Cristian Alex Pieloiu 6 years 4 Answers 344 views Officer 0

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  1. I don’t think they will. They are the 3’rd Bitcoin Market from the whole world and they will lose tons of real money. Yes, the government can’t track the transactions, but it will probably be just a reform.

  2. It’s hard to say, because an action like this will have a bad impact on South Korea economy. South Korea is one of the most important market for cryptocurrency, and their decision can like a boumerang for them.

  3. Probably not. It is hard to ban the whole market. There will be some regulation, though. In thefuture, South Korea authorities want to know all the cryptocurency users data by checking their identity.
    Even if Sout Korea will forbid Bitcoin, the action will not affect the Crypto Market.

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