Will Ethereum be 5 times stronger this year?


Will Ethereum be 5 times stronger this year?

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Mervis Jules 5 years 3 Answers 1206 views Officer 0

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  1. This is hard to predict. Ethereum is a strong coin, but it is also volatile. At the end of the year there are some chances to buy an Ethereum for 4 or 5000 dollars. To get there, it’s important that all countries to accept Crypto coins and also, that more and more people to understand the utility of a crypto coin.

  2. The cryptocurrency marketing is volatile. Each day there are news that can influence the direction of a coin. It is hard to predict, but if everything is normal, Ethereum should be stronger at the end of this year.

  3. Well, it’s 2 time weaker than in January, so everything is possible. An investment in Ethereum is a long term investment, so, you should wait for a big gain for more than a year.

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