What should I consider when I want to buy Crypto Curency?


Are investments in virtual coins safe? Is there the risk of losing my entire investment?

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Cristian Alex Pieloiu 5 years 3 Answers 357 views Officer 0

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  1. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, you should wait for a downward period. If you want to buy other coins, you should pay atention to utility of the coin, to transaction volume and market share. Also, you can find what other investors think and make your own investigation. The best coins are the ones that can answear to all your questions and can prove their utility.

  2. You should read all the news about the cryptocurrency that you want to buy and you should take a look at coinmarketcap.com.

  3. First of all, every investor should learn everything about cryptocurrency world. There are tons of informations and you should spend weeks or even months reading, before you can bet your money on a coin. There are some interesting coins, but there are also some scams that can make you loose all your economies. You should be carefull about the team behind your choosen coin, about the Market Cap and about other investors opinion.

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