What if I say something bad about Bitcoin?


How many future billionairs will jump on my head?

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Balan Ionut 5 years 2 Answers 348 views Officer 0

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  1. It’s hard to say something bad about Bitcoin, because this is the currency of the future. Of course, you can say that any investment in Bitcoin is risky, and this is totally true. Also, you can say that this coin can be stolen, and it is also true. However, copared to other currencies, this is a secure and interesting one. The future billionairs are smart, so they will never jump in your head for a statement. If someone will be aggressive with you about some words, he will not be a billionaire.

  2. If you say something about Bitcoin, you will probably be safe. There are not so many Bitcoin investors, but you can find many people who invest in other obscure coins, without any purpose. Bitcoin and Etherueum are safe, but not attractive for the investors who want to pay 1 dollar and get 1000.
    Unfortunately, this investors are the ones who argue with all the people about the quality of their investment and they usually lose.
    So, if you say something bad about Bitcoin there will be no repercussions and no one who count will jump in your head.

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