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  1. I think it’s better to invest when you have money. Hollydays are not a decisive period, but it’s true that there are many ICO’s that come with offers and there are many investors that want to sell to get some hollydays money. So, I think it is better to invest as soon as you can after a hollyday, because this is the period when everyone sell.

  2. You should not consider the time of the year when you invest. Of course, there are some important events on holydays that can change fait of coins, but the most important thing is to watch the news and try to predict what will happen next. For example, after the statement of the prime minister of South Korea it was obvious that the whole market will drop.

  3. Usually, it’s better to invest before holydays, because it’s the time when many people need cash and start selling their cryptocurrency. For example, on Christmas Eve all cryptocurrencies declined.

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