How do I choose cryptocurrency for short term investment?


How do I choose cryptocurrency for short term investment?

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  1. Before any investment you should evaluate the merket situation, you should choose multiple coins, because diversity is the key to success and you should learn about the coins that you want to invest in. There are some interesting Altcoins worthing investments, but it’s important to find the story behind every coin. If you want to earn money in no time, Ehereum, Bitcoin or Ripple are not the best solutions, but you can search a good ICO or a new Altcoin.

  2. The most secure way to make a profit is to be informed. There are more than 1500 crypto coins and in 2018 there are many to come. When you choose a coin, you should read all about it and be sure that it is the best. For big gains in a short amout of time you should invest in ICO’s.

  3. The cryptocurency market is volatile and it can be profitable for many, but also risky. If you want to invest and have short term gains, you should divide your budget between some secure coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and some risky ones. The market is filled with interesting coins and with lots of ICO’s ready to make you rich, but iat the same time, there are coins that can get you bankrupt, so division is the best strategy.

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